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June 26, 2005
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Mai Love by nekophoenix Mai Love by nekophoenix
(wis I could have thought of a better title)

this is Mai
short for Mai Ai Hii (yes...yes, the song.......leave me alone, it was catchy, alright?!)
right, now, Mai is a BOY
that's right, he's MALE and he's actually NOT a crossdresser (his clothes are feminine, I know, but I wouldn't count him as a crossdresser)
okay, just to repeat, HE is a BOY

I KNOW it's confusing, and if I hadn't have told you, I'm sure you would have thought him female, and I wouldn't blame you!
but, if you call him "she", "her" or anything female, I will think you illiterate.

with that out of the way
this is just some pointlessness, to practise markers with
I don't have markers myself, but Louise () does, and she has Trias
I love how unbelievably smooth they be

I seem to be on a Mai kick lately, he's just so fun to draw
I love designing outfits for him(this one, is loosley based on an outfit for Talim(ahaha, what did I just say about not counting him a cross dresser?...), from the Soul Calibur II game), and he's just so happy and dancey

He's a tabbycat/ keaton (keaton = magical 3 tailed fox creature from the legend of Zelda series) cross
his markings are just random, I have no set pattern, they just have to be like a tabby cat
he's also quite a bit browner than this
if you want to know his proper colouration, just flick through my gallery and I have a reference picture of him in scraps

coloured with Tria markers and a bit of prisma pencil work too
ooo, and a white gell pen
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Dixein Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2005
I love it! Bee - you - tee - full! :nod: His clothes are eye - catching, wonderful with all the swirls. His hair .. it's so cute! His one paw stretched out, it's all just wonderful. < 3

tigsie17 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2005
I want his clothes!!!! >___> DOod, all the swirls in the fur and the outfit are really eye catching! Quite a lovely piece! You earn a favey!
drazzi Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My femme!boi is blonde, your femme!kitty boy is blonde... something about blondes, eh? xD

I love this, he has SUCH a pretty face and I just adore that outfit design *-* it's fabulous hon.
demons-needles Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2005
glowstickjuice Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005
i specifically wanted to comment on this to ask you IF THIS WAS FROM THAT SONG. ahahaha :heart:


people are stupid <3
wayah Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005
She's gorgeous :0!! (I joke) I hate people that don't read the descriptions X0! I really love his eyes and the pretty colors :heart: You are very good with markers ;_;!
Foxxie-Angel Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005
Trias are so cool but really expensive =( he looks kinda like a magician here, I have to draw him some time his colour scheme is dinine :heart:
Chickster Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2005
I love the outfit you made for HIM its just utterly adorable! *huggels*all the little hearts and such, very awsome desgin indeed. as well as HIS expression very joyful and lively :D
You should so draw more of HIM in crazyer femminine outfits! HE fits them so well :P

tee hee hee

Keep it up hun its awsome
digitalparadice Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2005
:o i love her fur and her outfit and her pose!!!! the coloring so delicious :D
nekophoenix Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005  Professional General Artist
you're taking the piss, right?
thanks for the comment, but I would take a goooood look at my description for this picteure =-.-=
digitalparadice Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005
D: oops... i guess i should read >>;;

::is an illiterate moron::
marie-lupin Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2005
omg, he is so adorable!! i absolutely love his outift, and his markings ^^
evil-goma Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2005
I always love the little designs you add into your colouring. He's so cute :D
pichu4850 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2005
He's aweosme :O I love all the soft colors an the designs on the clothing 8O
melialo Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
OOoh, this is gorgeous! ^_^ I love the expression and the outfit. ^^ Wonderful job!
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